Monday, April 8, 2013

Three Cheers for the Right!

I had my ultrasound today to check on my follicles and see if I was ready for the IUI. And while everything wasn't quite ready yet, we are so so so happy to report that all of my activity is happening on my right ovary! I had one dominant follicle measure 12 mm, with a few smaller ones. A mature follicle needs to measure at least 18 mm. I will be going back for another ultrasound on Thursday to see if everything is ready, and plan to do the IUI on Friday. The APN was nice and gave me a shot of follicle stimulating hormone, which will encourage the follicles to mature. And the best part is a drug rep just stopped by their office and left a sample of the FSH shot, which she just gave to me at no charge! It is usually about $120, so that was a very generous gift! She gave me a double dose of it to try to increase the number of follicles that will mature. We're hoping that a second will mature in addition to the dominant one.

Thank you everyone, because I feel that your prayers worked! We had great news, and hope that the trend continues. If everything works out, I'd be due on January 1st, 2014. We're hoping for New Years twins!


Jules said...

*highfives!* :D

Jessie and Curtis said...

Oh Allie, we are so excited for you!! We'll be sure to pray for you this week!

Crystal said...

I'm just catching up here! Wow wow wow! I'm praying for you! It's always so awesome when they give you the meds for free sometimes!! I can't tell you many I got for free lol... I am hoping it all goes well!