About Us

I'm Allie, and my husband John and I married in June 2009. We began trying to have children earlier than we had initially planned. But, looking back, I'm glad we did start trying earlier, because we were able to start this arduous process sooner rather than later and have more time on my clock. So in February 2010, I went off the pill and our journey began.

We've been through plenty of testing, which helped us to know that I have trouble ovulating, which means I don't usually mature and release eggs by myself. We also know that my left fallopian tube has blockage, but we don't know how blocked it is, and if it's able to function as it should. Lastly, I have a very mild blood clotting disorder. My blood clots too quickly, resulting in possible clotting in the placenta.

We spent months with a reproductive endocrinologist, trying every available avenue that we can in order to finally get pregnant and carry to term. We've had plenty of set-backs, including failed medicated cycles and three failed IUIs, three miscarriages, and financial issues, causing us to feel like we are taking steps forward, only to find ourselves back to square one where we started. We often find ourselves simply running in circles. However, we are progressing in many other ways. Hence, we are progressing while going in circles.

It took us three years and six months, but I finally got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl! She is now over a year old and quite a handful.

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