Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cost Round Up

We are really starting to feel the financial strain on us due to our treatments. Previously, I discussed that our medicated and monitored cycles had cost us between $500-600. With the IUI, the cost went up. 

Again, this is what I pay without help from insurance.

  • Baseline- $200
  • Follicle check- $200 
  • Second follicle check- $200. This is not always necessary every cycle, but definitely a possibility. I did need it this time.
  • IUI procedure- $400


  • Clomid- $20 for 100mg dose.
  • hCG injection- $60
  • FSH injection- Usually $120, but I got mine as a gift from the office.
  • Progesterone- $45
  • Baby aspirin- Didn't cost enough to factor in.
  • Prenatal vitamins- About $5.



  • Blood pregnancy test- $45. 


  • Pregnancy tests- I did decide to test out my trigger (I was bored and couldn't resist) so I bought a new 50 pack from Amazon again for $16. 

The total from this cycle ended up being just about exactly $1200 (and would have been $1300 if I had paid for the shot the office gave me). We paid a portion of that with the very generous donation from my parents toward treatments, but ended up paying well over half with our own savings. It's really starting to come down to the wire. If it doesn't work this time, can we afford another IUI cycle? If we can't afford it, do we just go natural and try on our own? Do we go on birth control and take a break for a little while? 

It's sad how much money affects treatments. It's very frustrating that money is getting in the way of me completing my journey. This is a huge hurdle for many couples who go through infertility, and is never an easy one, especially with a vast majority of insurances not covering any part of infertility treatment. 

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