Friday, April 12, 2013


At my ultrasound yesterday we saw one beautiful follicle ready to go. A second did not mature in time, but we are really okay with that. It only takes one, right? So I was given my hCG trigger there at the office, meaning that ovulation will occur 24-48 hours after the shot. So it will be sometime this afternoon or evening. I haven't decided if I will test out my trigger this time. It seemed to add a lot of stress before. I may just do a test or two here and there just to see what it's doing.

We went back today for the collection and insemination. John described the collection as the "most awkward moment of my life." And I will stop there. We handed it over to the lab there, and they prepared the sample. What happens is they wash it to get rid of any dead or imperfect sperm, take the healthy ones, and place them in a liquid that helps them to "swim" better.

While we waited, we walked around the mall that is just down the street. And not that it matters, but I got some really cute new sandals! Anyway, when we went back, they put us in a normal exam room, and when the APN came in to do the procedure, she announced very excitedly that we had an amazing sample! Sperm count, post wash, is considered normal at 15-18 million (Average is between 18 and 40 million). In the 20s is excellent. And we had 36 million! We were really excited to hear that. Once again, the prayers helped!

The procedure itself went really fast. It started out similarly to a pap smear, with all of that funness. Then she inserted a catheter in the cervix, injected the sperm sample, and that was it. Really simple. After, she left and had me lay down for about 15 minutes. She turned off the lights for some reason, which we thought was funny. Nap time!

I will have a blood pregnancy test done on April 26th. I am not sure if I will post about the results, positive or negative, because we don't know when we would tell people once we know I'm pregnant. We still have to come to an agreement about that. I don't often do this because I have always been so open, but I would really appreciate no questions about my results. Just so we're able to keep things private if we want. Thank you!


Jessie and Curtis said...

We totally prayed for you this week! So glad this part was successful! We'll continue to pray for you!!

Rachel Helps said...

good luck! I'm hoping to try out the IUI thing one of these month.

Jules said...

Hurray! Good luck with everything, we'll be thinking of you guys. (And kudos to John...I can only imagine how awkward that, um, process is)

Rach said...

Thinking about you guys - good luck! Our prayers are with you!!

Heather said...

Best of luck!