Friday, December 7, 2012

Today's the Day, and Good News!

Well, today is the day that I go get my blood drawn for the progesterone test. I am very nervous, and excited, and anxious, and emotional. As soon as the results are back, I will know if all I need is one little pill for two weeks out of the month to finally have the blessing of my first child. After almost three years, could this finally be the last piece of my answer?
UPDATE: I will get results on Tuesday!

The very, very good news is that the Clomid seems to have reminded my body that it's supposed to ovulate every month. I was so afraid that this last miscarriage would mess up my body again like the first one did. But I seem to be on a good track, predictably ovulating on my own. I feel like I can relax and say that I shouldn't need Clomid anymore! That's one giant piece to the mystery puzzle solved! I should be able to continue to get pregnant on my own. Now we just need to figure out how to make those little babies stick. And I'm dearly hoping that there is a solution.

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Rach said...

Good luck! I hope it's an easy fix. Keep us updated :)