Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Of Course...

I have had a lot of conflicting information and opinions about my test results. I asked all of my friends in my infertility support group who said their RE's rate my 10.3 as a low level for post ovulation progesterone. I talked to a family member who is a nurse practitioner in an OB/GYN office who said that my level is low. But I (finally) got a hold of my doctor who said she thinks my levels are fine and wouldn't prescribe me medication. And another friend of the family is an OB/GYN and said that my level looks fine, and that it can't hurt to take it, but recommends that I get the opinion of a specialist.

My heart is crushed. I was so excited and thought that maybe I had finally found something good in this, and something that could help. But it looks like it's just another confusing piece of information that no one can agree on.

Merry Christmas.

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