Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I follow RESOLVE.org on Pinterest, and occasionally they post hilarious pictures, comics, jokes, etc. about infertility. This is by far my favorite so far!

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I admit that I have all but three of these things in my house right now. The only ones I'm missing are a wine glass (I don't drink), a sharps container (only because the pharmacy completely forgot to send it to me with my hCG and needles), and stirrup socks (??).

Also, here's a cheeky thing they've posted that I thought was funny, too.

Here's my stork:

Fun with Clomid, hCG, progesterone, etc...

And finally,

At least I'll get to the end, right?


LisserB said...

Hahahaha! Those are great! It's good to keep a sense of humor about this stuff. And yes, you will get there! :)

AmAnDA!!! said...

I like these, they are funny. Also if you need a surrogate... I can recommend some people. I'm sure my infertile womb is far worse than yours... ha!