Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Testing Out A Trigger

Remember how I talked about some women who are obsessed and crazy and test every day to watch their trigger fade? Well... I'm included in that group.

I mostly wanted to test every day to see how long it takes the trigger to fade and be worked out of my body. Most women see a completely negative test by 10 days past the trigger. So far, the test at 10 days after the trigger is still positive. It may just be taking longer to it to leave my body, though. Who knows!

Here are the tests at 4 days past trigger, or at 3 days past ovulation. You can see how the lines are pretty strong, but fade pretty quickly!
Here is 6 days past trigger, and 5 days past ovulation. The fading slowed down a lot, and that last test actually came out darker. My theory is that the urine sample was more concentrated.
At 8 days past trigger (7 days past ovulation), still fading...

And finally to today's, 10 days past trigger, and 9 days past ovulation. Everyone keeps telling me my test should have been negative today, but we'll just have to see what happens.

Here is another shot of the tests, including today's, after it dried.

Hopefully this means good things are coming around the corner. But speculation is just speculation, after all. If I do another cycle with a trigger, I don't think I will bother to test it out. I'll know about when it should be gone from my body.

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