Sunday, February 10, 2013

Now It's Out Of My Hands

We have done everything we possibly can this cycle, and the rest is just hoping and praying and wishing now. Yesterday, I went in for another ultrasound and saw that I ended up with only one mature follicle on the left (the right one pooped out and didn't grow enough). We were a bit disappointed, because during my HSG, we saw that my left tube is a bit clogged and not open all the way. But, weird things happen, so I haven't given up hope. Hopefully we timed everything perfectly.

At the office right after the ultrasound I was given an hCG trigger shot to force ovulation, and that was it! (I will admit, I took a pregnancy test when I got home that night just to see the positive. It was freaky seeing two lines!) I also think I will test out the trigger just to see how long it lasts in my system. It can work its way out anywhere between 7-12 days.

Keep your fingers crossed and send lots of good thoughts to us!

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LisserB said...

You should ovulate tonight then, so go catch that eggie! :)

Sometimes the HSG can actually clear out the blockage, so here's hoping it did that for you. Good Luck!