Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Plan for the Near Future

I just had a lengthy visit with a new OB/GYN today to ask about options after having three miscarriages, and we have a new plan.

First, some exciting news. During my annual exam, we found out that I ovulated yesterday or today. YAY! That is such a relief because with the first miscarriage, I was completely out of whack, my body stopped ovulating, and was just a mess. But this time it looks like everything should be staying normal. I'm remaining hopeful.

So, we have some plans.

Plan A: In case by some weird cosmic, voodoo magic, God-sent miracle I get pregnant the third month in a row (wouldn't that just be so unexpected??), I have a lab order to go have a beta-HCG and progesterone level check immediately (progesterone typically needs to be at or above a 20 to have a viable pregnancy). It's possible that I have been miscarrying because of low progesterone. If the levels are low, she already sent in a prescription to my pharmacy for Prometrium to combat the low levels. If the hormone levels look good, then we'll just pray for a healthy pregnancy!

Plan B: If I'm not pregnant and have a period, I will test with an OPK again to find out when I ovulate. Then, 8 days after I get a positive, I will go have a progesterone level test. Progesterone is somewhere between 10-20 in the days after ovulation. If that level is low, I will take the Prometrium every month after ovulation to create a welcoming environment for eggs to implant and grow.

Plan C: If I am not pregnant and discover that my progesterone level is good and not low, the next step is to visit a specialist. She gave me a referral already for a fertility clinic in a city not too far away that has a great doctor. They can help with other tests, like ones looking for immunologic and chromosomal disorders.

I'm hoping that in the next few weeks my diagnosis of unexplained infertility can change to a real diagnosis! I don't want to have to visit the specialist!

Also, we finally have our Disneyland trip planned! We're going this coming Monday-Wednesday. This is definitely the best thing I can do for my mental and emotional health right now! I can't wait.


Rach said...

Good luck!! Sounds like you have great plans either way. Keep us posted :)

Jules said...

Hurray! I'm sure it's so nice to have a plan of action and to have a possible explanation as well. I hope things go well, but regardless, I'm sure you will have a fantastic time at Disneyland!

Sean and Jennie said...

That is very exciting about the ovulation! I am so happy she went over so many things with you and that you have good plans for any situation. Hope Disneyland is amazing! Can't wait to see pics!!

Rachel said...

My dr. gave me a Rx for Prometrium after my 3rd miscarriage (not in a row) and just said to fill it whenever I got the positive home preg. test. That I didn't need to go in and have my levels taken because it can't hurt to have it, even if you don't need it. But I'm sure it'll be good for you to have the test done so you know the results (but maybe you can ask if you can take it before the results come back if you want to have it 1 or 2 days sooner).