Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm Pregnant

If you haven't heard until now, I'm 13 weeks pregnant, first day of my second trimester! Just three and a half years after we started the trouble to get here.

This was a total shock and surprise to us. The last you probably know is that we were told at our meeting with the RE that we need IVF. We had decided to go on an indefinite break until we got all of our affairs in order, and just try to enjoy other things in life.

In the beginning of July, the doctor wanted to do one more test to make sure that he wasn't releasing me with any cysts or fibroids or fun things like that. He did another water/saline ultrasound test, where he pushed saline solution into the uterus and performed an ultrasound. Everything looked good and healthy. I asked then if we should bother using OPKs and timing things, and he said that was up to us. And, he left us with, (hint this part is important to remember:) "You may have a little better chance this month because the saline I just used could have pushed some of the blockage in your tube out of the way."

We decided to just have a fun time and take a true break. I put away all of the OPKs and calendars I have been using for three years, and tried to forget about them. We visited John's family for the Fourth of July, and did some other fun date nights together, just enjoying each other.

At the end of July, a symptom started bothering me. I had complained about it a couple of times to John, who finally said, "Are you pregnant?" I looked at him like, Seriously? 

But I was nice, I think, and just said, "No." Are you crazy?!

"Did you test?"

"No." Drop it, because I am not talking about this right now.

Pointed look.

Pointed look back.

I finally seceded and grabbed one of my 50 million pregnancy tests from my stash and took it so I could prove him wrong. I knew it was going to be negative. After setting it to process, I left the bathroom and came back a couple of minutes later when I remembered I had a chance to prove John wrong- a chance that I don't get very often.

But it was positive.

I yelled at John, showed him the test, and he agreed it was positive. I forgot how to breathe. I started to get light headed. I sat down. Then I looked again. And laid down because I forgot how to person. I'm pregnant?

Two seconds later I was on the phone with my RE's office and they told me to go in as soon as possible for a blood test. The next day, I took two more tests, one with two beautiful pink lines and another digital that had a plus sign on it. I got a call from the doctor, which confirmed that I was pregnant with hCG levels of 27.8.

I had a few more blood tests that showed really nice doubling times, and scheduled my first ultrasound. I was so nervous for that first ultrasound, since I had blockage in my tubes that could have easily prevented the egg from making it to the uterus, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy.

We got in, and saw that the baby was there, in the right place. Here is the crazy thing: It was barely 2mm out of the tube. Any fraction of a bit higher and that baby would have been life-threatening and we would have had to terminate. It was as close as it could get! Not only that, but the doctor saw that fluid surrounded the outside of the right fallopian tube, showing that ovulation occurred through it, but the left ovary had matured and ruptured a follicle.

Not only is my baby barely intrauterine, but the right fallopian tube reached around to the left ovary to pick up the egg. My RE said that happens in about 5% of cases. The doctor said, "I guess that saline ultrasound test did help clear whatever was blocking your tube! I'm really glad we did it!" I definitely agreed with him!

We had weekly ultrasounds after, to see the heartbeat, hear the heartbeat, and just check to make sure the baby was growing on schedule. And everything looked perfect.

I was released from my RE to a regular OBGYN, whom I love. John and I moved states just a couple of weeks ago, and I found a new doctor and office, and so far, I love them. We are so excited to be at this stage of the journey, finally!

Now, to reward you for reading this novel I wrote, (or if you just skipped it, which is fine with me), here are some pictures!

The test that was supposed to prove John wrong. I'm glad it didn't! Sorry for poor picture quality. It's the only one I have

Tests the next morning 

OPK that I took to show that they are positive when pregnant

I loved watching the lines get darker!
Ultrasound 5 weeks. We saw that little baby in the right place, even though we couldn't see it yet! Too tiny.

Ultrasound 6 weeks, the long thing is the baby/fetal pole. The round bubble is the yolk sac that fed the baby until placenta was developed.

7 weeks, we got to hear the heartbeat! It was 151 bpm and beautiful.

8 weeks, beautiful baby! We heard heartbeat again, 175 bpm.

9 weeks, and we saw baby move and squirm for the first time. At this ultrasound, my RE made a guess, and was very certain that the baby is a girl!

12 weeks, with my new doctor. More squirming and jumping. 
Apparently, right now baby is the size of a peach at 3 inches. I have an appointment on Wednesday to have a really good ultrasound where they will check for certain deformities, like spinal, and for Down Syndrome.

Oh, and here's my little 13 week bump.


Starla said...

I love all the details!! :D So happy for you (and us!)! Love you!

Julie Mom said...

Truly a dream come true!

Julie Mom said...


Meridith said...

Wow wow wow! Yay! You are glowing, and I'm over the moon with happiness for you!! You will be in my prayers for a safe rest of pregnancy. :)

Jules said...

Little miracle baby! How exciting :) And so fun that you have all those ultrasound pictures! It's amazing how fast babies grow and change. You look great!

Rachel Helps said...

wow, congrats! What a blessing.

LisserB said...

I'm so happy for you! :)

Rachel said...

Just couldn't be happier for you!! And what an adorable bump!