Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Another New Experience

The other day I had the experience of giving an injection to myself. It was quite odd. I don't think I have ever purposefully inflicted pain on myself before.

I was running late to work that morning, so I had to just grab all of my materials (including my sharps container), and go. When I got to my classroom, I sat down and had to remember how to mix it all and prepare the injection. The instant it was all ready, the bell rang and students started coming in! I was so embarrassed. But, it had to be done, so I turned my back to them, and started to put the needle in.

It was odd how I hesitated. I thought, "This is a tiny needle. It's not going to hurt at all." But the second it pricked my skin, I had an involuntary reaction and pulled it away. So I went in for a second try, and bared my teeth, and sunk it all the way in. And holy cow, the serum burned! I probably did it too slowly, but I finally got it done and I'm not sure anyone even saw. At least, no one asked about it or my sharps container. I guess it's not that abnormal to see someone give themselves shots in the stomach. Many people have to do insulin shots all the time.

That was my first time ever giving a shot to anyone. And, I'm proud to say that it didn't hurt afterward, and there is no bruising. All of the shots that the nurses did at my RE's office the last few months left a bruise, and a couple hurt for a while after. One of them that was in the stomach was even bruised for a week! I guess I did something right. I hope this is the first and last time I have to give myself a shot!

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