Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Beating" Infertility

My mom decided to do a little remodeling of her house. There was a giant built in entertainment center taking up a large portion of the living room, and she had really outgrown it. There wasn't any storage space, it had a large and deep hole big enough for an old projection TV and really wasn't a proper space for their flat screen, and was completely hollow. A big waste of space!

Since it was so outdated and kind of a nuisance, it was time for it to go. And I was lucky enough to be around to see it happen, and even help out! We pulled out a Sharpie marker and a giant hammer, and went to town on the drywall!

It's not often that one gets an opportunity to take out his or her anger on an inanimate object, especially a wall. So, with all of the frustration and emotion attached to infertility, I felt this was a perfect opportunity!

It was very therapeutic, and a lot of fun! Plus, I was able to get out all of the desire to smash a wall after watching so many home-improvement TV shows on HGTV. 

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