Friday, July 6, 2012


I had my HSG this afternoon. What a terrible experience! They all lied to me. It was just miserable because it was so painful. The worst part was when the radiologist injected all of the dye. It was the worst cramps I've ever had times 100, plus nausea. I feel better now, two hours later, but it was really hard to take at the time.

I haven't heard from my OB/GYN yet, but the radiologist told me that the right tube is open really well, and the left is clogged. A tiny bit of dye was let in, but it's not completely open. Hopefully the dye getting in there will help with that bit of junk and get it out of the way. So, since the right is open, they probably won't do anything to fix it. I'm really relieved that I don't need to go into surgery or depend on IVF right away. I will know more about what to do next when I talk to my doctor.

John was lovely and held my hand the whole time during the test, then stopped to get me an ice cream cone and a Coke on the way home. I was so glad that he was there with me! 
I dread the day that I have to get this test done again. 

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Julie Mom said...

So sorry. It sounds miserable!